About Us

We, at FEB20 Enterprises, (“FEB20 Enterprises” is our trade name while “Mandaue’s Nutricious” is our brand name) are engaged in manufacturing and processing of healthy Filipino food delicacies such as polvoron, baked peanuts, peanut butter, peanut bar masareal, tablea or 100% chocolate, and fastbreak energy booster instant champorado.

These products are made from the finest hand-picked ingredients from the local markets in Region VII and renowned suppliers globally, keeping in mind of our advocate of creating the best healthy products out of the most premium ingredients in the market.

Our History

In 1998, we started producing our delicacies as a sideline business and the recipes of which were initially inherited from the proprietor’s sister. After trying a few attempts, we successfully made a new version of our own but always keeping in mind that to keep the ingredients simpler and cleaner with less to zero preservatives is the most important thing we have to consider.

Thus, the creation of malunggay polvoron was developed that received a recognition at the 2015 Global Food Marketplace (French: Salon International de l’alimentation, or SIAL), an international trade fair that features businesses in the food processing industry, held at the Manila World Trade Center.


Market Expansion

At the outset, we have been participating in every market opportunity through various food exhibits and tabo-tabo. With an increasing number of distributors, whether individual or institutional levels, FEB20 is very proud to say that we have successfully attracted not only the average household, but as well as a great number of upmarket consumers including the millennials.

Prior to the latest innovations of the products sometime in the third quarter of 2015, the packaging was just in an ordinary presentation of plastic pouch without proper compliance to the standard labeling based on government regulations. Today, FEB20 Enterprises has its own milestones of reaching the fundamentals of both the local and international food commerce in an effort to make our products even better for you, our valued customers.